A collaboration for peace, liberty, and sound economic theory

The collaboration of Cospaia summons libertarians to radical defense of liberty and of the free market, as well as to a quest of truth-seeking regarding the laws of economics.

Liberty is a principle that does not allow for any exceptions, lest it is lost. Sweden is in dire lack of a voice supporting the stance that all human activity must be based on voluntary interaction in order for society to function well. Freedom is too dear to be left without an uncompromising defense.

The knowledge about economics so far gathered is too essential to be left unheralded in the Swedish discourse. A society that dismisses it, is a society building the foundations for its own ruin.

The Flag of Cospaia

The unifying substance for the participation in Cospaia is that we never turn to the Government, politics or politicians when we want something to change, nor for solutions to problems we perceive. This is for principled as well as for pragmatic reasons: Politics is by definition a restriction of liberty and the State is a destructive force in society.

Cospaia is an alliance of joint interests around common ground for ideas, while at the same time accomodating a wide range of opinions and viewpoints. We call it a cooperation to make it clear that we do not strive for creating an organisation.

We take our name from the anarcho-capitalist Republic of Cospaia. A nation that prospered in liberty and that created wealth and wellbeing during a period of 385 years, in the midst of Europe with its oppressive states.

Cospaia have gathered to provide exploratory conversations about economics and libertarianism, a fiery defense of liberty, an unbridled disgust towards the state, a passionate stance for the rights of the individual and his personal responsibility, an unrestrained recognition of the benefactors of society; the entrepreneurs, solemn as well as unsubdued hymns about the division of labor and its contributions to humanity.

We hope that you will appreciate our respect for, and critical examination of, the body of thought that great philosophers and scientists have passed and continue to pass on to us all.

Perpetua et firma libertas.

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